Mobile Home Leveling Prices: Single Wide Leveling: $450-$550 Double Wide Leveling: $800-$950 Triple Wide Leveling: $900-$999 Single wide leveling is normally around $450 to $550 and double wide leveling is normally around $800 to $950 which includes getting everything level using a water leveler and as we go through leveling it, we re-adjust any leaning blocks as needed and replace any damaged or cracked … Check the level tool to see if the bubble in it is resting in the center.

Check the level near the closest support under the home. To see if your floor is out of level, all you have to do is measure between the level laser line and the floor at various locations along … Fixing an uneven home might seem like quite the mountain to climb. It is not a completely bank-breaking process, but keep in mind that leveling your home is a relatively expensive procedure whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional.

The best way to check a floor for general sloping is with a laser level. To start, the contractor will first remove the skirting, if installed, from the mobile home to gain access to the piers which supports the home.

× × The operations involved in jacking and raising the home can be very dangerous and should be attempted only by experienced individuals. We also quote mobile home remodeling and mobile home repair.

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Why it’s important to level your home. How to Level a Mobile Home. I have an enclosed front sun porch on an 85-year-old home with an slightly uneven floor covered with a faux brick linoleum sheet floor with asbestos matting underneath. Begin at the center of the mobile home. Step 3 - Checking the Level. Fill out this form to get in touch. A laser level projects a perfectly level line across an entire room. Some new flooring installations require a level subfloor, such as resilient tile flooring. Waiting too long to repair the subfloor in your mobile home could result in an unsafe hole in the floor. The floor joists that sit on top of the beams run perpendicular to them, and are cantilevered as they extend past the beam. On the other hand, a mobile home that’s plagued by several of these should definitely be inspected.

Remove the skirting from around the base of the mobile home and loosen the tie down straps. Again, it’s important to note that your mobile home may be level even if you’re experiencing one or two of these symptoms. You can do this with an inexpensive line laser, but you'll get more accurate results with a rotary laser level, which you can rent from a rental center. laser level milwaukee level 45.9 - 50.9 in.

Starting in the middle of the home, the contractor will use a level to check each pier to see how level the area is.

We also repair and replace mobile home windows, mobile home steps, and mobile home decks.

Contractors have said we need to pour cement into the porch foundation to the tune of $15,000 to level the floor and then remove the asbestos, etc.

We also provide mobile home bathroom remodel and mobile home steps.

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