Explore BCG's latest thought leadership on mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures for insight into the deals creating value in today's environment. Divestiture Definition & Example | InvestingAnswers A few years back, the company Johnson & Johnson made quite a few divestiture process moves. Divestiture: A divestiture is the partial or full disposal of a business unit through sale, exchange, closure or bankruptcy . A divestiture most commonly … Appendix A: Divestiture Playbook Overview Given the complexity that divestitures entail, as well as the multiple interdepen-dencies and coordination required across all areas of the organization, it is a good practice to develop a divestiture playbook. But expanding isn’t the only way to unlock shareholder value. In one month, you are acquiring a new organization and supporting integration activities. According to Ernst & Young’s Corporate Divestment Survey for 2018, technology is having a direct effect on asset sales – as it is for mergers. What you need to know Examples HR area We wanted to do a Top 10 List but there was just too much to consider....(next page) Business can move pretty fast. To make the process of divestiture more manageable, we … An act of divesting. As of March 2020 the largest ever acquisition was the 1999 takeover of Mannesmann by Vodafone Airtouch PLC at $183 billion ($281 billion adjusted for inflation). These divestment examples show there can be many reasons for divestiture and many outcomes as well. A divestiture or divestment is the reduction of an asset or business through sale, liquidation, exchange, closure, or any other means for financial or ethical reasons. This article focuses on managing corporate divestiture transactions. n. 1. Almost 74 percent of those surveyed said that changing technology is influencing their divestiture activities .

Divestiture involves the selling off of a subsidiary business entity. M&A trends are being influenced by various economic and political forces, in both positive and unpredictable ways. A partial divestiture is often more complicated from the standpoint of capabilities, because of the seller’s need to hold on to some people, processes, and technologies that it could let go of if it were selling an entire business or product line. While divestments were down in 2018, we expect divestments to pick up in 2019 with 82% of our polled tech respondents indicating they plan to initiate a divestment within the next two years. That can mean exploring an acquisition or a strategic alliance. 2. A divestiture playbook will provide In its June 2018 annual report, Procter & Gamble reported a 3% surge in sales, although organic sales growth was just 1% and volume growth was 2%. By Paula Loop, PwC partner and the leader of PwC’s US Governance Insights Center & Catherine Bromilow, PwC partner in PwC’s US Governance Insights Center Focussing on growth is a given when it comes to increasing value for a company’s investors.

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