4.2 Revealing past plate tectonic events.

Slope processes are also a familiar process at GCSE and the impact of slumping, landslides and soil creep is covered in the current Edexcel A specification. Highlight the key words to summarise the main points of glaciation (you are not allowed to highlight more than 8 key words or phrases) weakness and creates Geology and past processes (glaciation and past tectonic activity) have influenced the physical landscape of the UK. During the Caledonian Orogeny several mini-continents (including Avalonia and Baltica) that had broken off from Gondwana were joined to Laurentia by tectonic plate movement, forming a new landmass. Explain two ways in which humans have influenced the landscape of the UK. Therefore an understanding of why, for example, the western UK has The physical landscape of the UK is varied and includes upland and lowland areas. Whereas erosion shapes landforms, their origins lie in tectonic processes that build the major Plate Tectonic processes . The various rock types are distributed across the British Isles. Explain how past tectonic processes have shaped the UK landscape (4 marks) 6. His theory was based on observations such as:Biological: Coal is found in UK but needs warm, wet, humid conditions to … This report has two main sections: volcanic processes and seismic processes. Volcanic processes firstly investigates how extrusive igneous activity can lead to landscapes distinctive in appearance and characteristics, looking at the Isle of Luzon (composite volcano) and the … Tectonic landform, any of the relief features that are produced chiefly by uplift or subsidence of the Earth’s crust or by upward magmatic movements.

Different plants are adapted to different climates therefore looking at all the types of pollen present in a layer of rock can be a good indication of the climate at the time when they were living. 4.3 Continental extension. This includes Plate Tectonics, which explains the structure of the Earth's lithosphere (outer shell) and the forces that drive changes in its structure. The concept of plate tectonics was formulated in the 1960s. … Can you identify the 3 main processes?

Although it is not necessary for students to have an in-depth understanding of the geology of the UK or glacial processes, they are required to know that there are geological variations across the UK and how glaciers have shaped the UK landscape.
They include mountains, plateaus, and rift valleys. Distribution of the UK's rock types. Evidence of this turbulent tectonic past is preserved in the rock … 5 The main lithotectonic units of the British Isles. This animation explains the ways in which glaciers shape the landscape. Since the 1950s, several discoveries have led to a new understanding of how the Earth works. This includes Plate Tectonics, which explains the structure of the Earth's lithosphere (outer shell) and the forces that drive changes in its structure. ... What is the tectonic plate UK live on called? Alfred Wegener put forward a theory regards their movement in 1912 with his theory of Continental Drift. Each plant has different shaped pollen or spores so when the fossil is put under a microscope it is possible to identify the type of plant it came from.

Plate tectonic theoryThe location of continents today of far removed from what it was millions of years ago, when it is believed that all continents were joined to one land mass.

Although the UK is not located on a plate margin and is therefore not currently tectonically active, this has not always been the case.
... and Africa might have had some tectonic influence.

4.5 How wide were the oceans? Tectonics comes from the Greek word tekton, meaning builder. 4.6 Continental collision. Physical landscapes in the UK - glaciers, rivers and relief. Tectonics comes from the Greek word tekton, meaning builder.

concept around past tectonic processes in Component 1, Topic 1: Hazardous Earth. The contest celebrates the 50th anniversary of plate tectonic theory, which is why the winning photos portray "the dynamic processes which have shaped the UK and Ireland over its tectonic … (Hard/soft rock) (Headlands, Bays, caves, arches, … explain one way past tectonic processes have caused the development of upland areas many of the uk's upland mountains are ancient volcanoes, formed from magma at the plate boundaries millions of years ago, creating igneous rock Igneous.

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