When it comes to plastic zipper bags, if you have the time and energy, you can easily wash them and reuse them for storing food!
As they come with produce in them, why not reuse them suggests Brenda. How to Travel Proof Your Razor How to Make a Natural Sore Throat Remedy How to Cure a Headache Naturally How to Reuse Produce Mesh Bags Don't throw out those plastic mesh

If you do a little research, however, which I was eventually fed up enough to do, you will discover that plastic mesh produce bags are an excellent crafting material. Produce bags. Nicole agrees AND points out a saving to be made. Until you feel the need to fork over $10 for 3 bags, just reuse plastic grocery bags (or the produce bags themselves) until they get something sticky or …

Sure, you can buy a nice mesh bag with a drawstring made specifically for bagging your own bulk produce, but those beauties are pretty expensive. Produce bag. So I went on a hunt for ways to reuse plastic bags to cut down on my own waste. Seed Starting and Reuse of Plastic Mesh Bags Pretty Plastic Poison: I suppose this could qualify as another Green, Broke & Living in Kits Recycling Tip, so here comes the banner: Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do with those plastic mesh bags that contain peanuts, onions or limes?

She says “I reuse them as vegetables bags.
13 Ways To Reuse Mesh Produce Bags - Reuse Grow Enjoy While the options are endless, I am going to share 13 different ideas with you. Mar 16, 2014 - Other Great Tips!

Unlike the paper or even the occasional plastic bags that end up with us that we easily re-use or recycle, these mesh produce bags seem to have no other destination but the trash.

She wrote “Cut them carefully maybe and use them as produce bag for the grocery store?” Irena suggests making them even more useful by adding handles. Recycled House Recycled Crafts Plastic Mesh Cleaning Items Projects For Adults Produce Bags Sewing Stitches How To Make Diy Filets

Monica at The Yummy Life has some great tips on washing, drying, and storing used plastic bags. 6.

I would just avoid reusing bags that have had raw meat in them.

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