If its a design, and if the phone cover is translucent, you can trace the design first with pencil and the paint it accordingly. Some tape to seal the parts you don't want to paint 280 sand paper 400 sand paper Precision cutting knife set or razor blades And Your mobile phone of choice to paint. Many of these cases are specific to iPhone but the methods could easily be applied to all sorts of different phone cases, tablet covers, and the like.

How to Find a Niche to Target for Your Phone Case Business The best way to find a niche to target for your phone case business is to take it personally and try to choose a niche you belong to. 1) tape off any parts you don't want to get paint on(or make yourself a stencil) using tape and the exacto knife(or razor blade) 2)Sand down the area you want to paint in this order Thus, this eliminates the need for order fulfillment and storage space. Cover the outside portion of the phone case, including the sides, with a layer of Mod Podge using the paint brush. 5. Then tip over the case and allow excess glitter to fall back onto the parchment. Do not use gel polish.

A while back we featured our favorite cases for folks who love to make things, but what about cases you can actually make? Let the nail polish dry for at least 1 to 2 hours. Print on Demand is a retail fulfillment method for printing products – custom phone cases and more – on demand, only after the customer buys them.This way a client can buy custom phone cases in an ecommerce shop and the order goes directly to the Print Provider. I simply laid down a piece of thin scrapbook paper, and traced the phone case. You can paint the outside of your case, or even the back of your phone, but you will need to seal it with clear top coat.

Apply a thin layer of paint (black was my favorite, because the glitter really stood out against it) and wait for it to fully dry. Hey That depends what you want to paint. Phone cases can carry dirt, grime, and bacteria, so it’s important that you clean yours regularly.

I did two thin coats on each phone. Immediately pour glitter over the glued area and set down for 2 minutes. Simple designs, such as marble or an all-over color will look the best.

You can shrink silicone, a hybrid made from synthetic rubber and synthetic plastic.

Here are 25 inventive ways to create your own one-of-a-kind case for your partner in crime, your phone! Fortunately, it’s easy to clean your phone case using just soap and water.

Once the paint has fully dried (I let mine dry overnight), apply a final thin coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint. This discoloration is caused by exposure to rust and the formation of mold.

When you're finished, your phone case will look brand new! After years of exposure to water and humidity, clear silicone can begin to yellow and blacken.

Clear silicone has several uses, including silicone caulk that is used to seal and protect sinks, bathtubs and the areas around them from moisture damage. This sweet phone case is made with…wait for it…Paper! Seal it with spray. Simply put a tattoo on a solid colour case. My fiance swore up & down our house was going to have bits of glitter all over it because it wouldn’t hold up, but it has completely! Soon, your item will fit again. When your mobile phone case stretches out of shape or your silicone wedding band becomes too large, boil a pot of water, boil it for 30 seconds and chill in a bowl of ice water. Attach to your phone, and you’re done! I left about an inch extra of paper all the way around, then painted a thin coat of Mod Podge on the inside of the paper (the white side). You can also regularly disinfect your phone case with rubbing alcohol and remove some stains with baking soda. Aesthetic Painting Aesthetic Drawing Art Phone Cases Diy Phone Case Mini Canvas Canvas Art Painting Canvas Diy Painting Painting & Drawing ... DIY: Alcohol Inked iPhone Case First, I would … 4. Let the nail polish dry completely, then snap the case onto your phone. I DIYed a phone case about 9 months ago using Mod-Podge, loose glitter, & a few coats of clear nail polish to seal.

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