Raki has a subtle taste of aniseed and it can be tempting to drink the whole bottle but before you knock back glass after glass, be aware that the alcohol content is 40%. Yeni Rakı has an alcohol content of 45% and 1.5 grams of anise per liter; Tekirdağ Rakısı is 45% ABV and has 1.7 grams of anise per liter. How much alcohol is in raki? I have heard locals say that if you are suffering the next morning, drink one more glass of Raki and you will feel on top of the world; the equivalent of the western saying “hair of the dog” There are also two top-quality brands called Kulüp Rakısı and Altınbaş, each with 50% ABV. Tsikoudia ( Greek: τσικουδιά, romanized : tsikoudiá ), also often called raki ( Greek: ρακή, romanized : rakí) in the eastern part of Crete, is an alcoholic beverage, a fragrant, grape-based pomace brandy of Cretan origin that contains 40% to 65% alcohol by volume.

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