Queen Kang Sindeok (신덕왕후) (married to Taejo before he became King, elevated to Queen at his ascension) Children: Grand Prince Jin-an (진안대군), born as Yi Bangwoo (이방우), first Son of Queen Sinui. Taejo of Joseon (October 11, 1335 – May 24, 1408; r. 1392–1398), born Yi Seong-gye, whose changed name is Yi Dan, was the founder and the first king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, and the main figure in overthrowing the Goryeo Dynasty.

He was posthumously raised to the rank of Emperor in 1899 by Gojong, the Gwangmu Emperor, who had proclaimed the Korean Empire in 1897. What follows is, first, a selective genealogy of the reigning Wang clan, and second, a table showing the relations between the Mongol Yuan Dynasty and Goryeo royalty. The Goryeo Dynasty ruled in Korea from 918 to 1392. Grand Prince Yeong-an(영안대군), born as Yi Banggwa … The House of Yi or Korean Royal Household, also called the Yi dynasty or known as Yi clan of Jeonju, is the household of Joseon and the Korean Empire, consisting of the descendants of Yi Seong-gye, the founder of Joseon, known by his temple name, Taejo (태조; 太祖; "grand progenitor").

It comprised 34 kings in 17 generations.

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