Cooking Tips Taleggio form (square), for Taleggio cheese (Italian): mold dimensions are 7.7" square x 7.7" square x 6" (top X bottom X height).

Taleggio is a natural, living cheese, in fact, the ageing process continues right up to when it is eaten. Taleggio is a mold-ripened cheese with an orangy-pink rind.

This is an EU PDO protected cheese. To respect the Standards of Production, Taleggio must be aged for a period of not less than 40 days, during which the cheeses are repeatedly turned over and sponged down with water and salt to keep the rind moistened and prevent the formation of anomalous mould. The cheeses are typically aged, in natural caves, for 25-40 days. This Tastessence article gives you some alternatives. Ripe wheels have a pudding texture, smear on veggies or toasty bread, with a glass of Soave. Cultures. History and curiosities.

Media & Bulk Starters; Fermented Milk Cultures; Yogurt Cultures; Probiotic Strains; Cheese Starter Cultures; Propionic & Flavor Developing Although the rind is edible, it's a little on the gritty side, and most people scrape it away.

(This statement is on the packaging artwork as well as the use-by sticker, as agreed by TTM).

It is manufactured in molds with an average weight of about 2 kg each.

Shop By. The rind is edible, but very strong tasting. The cheese is made in square or rectangular shapes. The color becomes more pronounced with age. The cheeses are stamped with the Taleggio trademark. The paste of the cheese is homogenous and compact, softer under the rind and more crumbly in the centre of the cheese. The squares of pasteurized cow's milk are washed with a brine to foster a sticky, orange edible rind while air pumped from the original caves causes a dappling of soft and earthy tasting grey mold . Taleggio cheese is a semi-soft type of cheese which originated in Italy. On table, alone, or with other ingredients, it gives personality to our dishes. For this reason, Taleggio must be carefully conserved in order to maintain its pleasant flavour, aroma and consistency. Taleggio form plate sold seperately. Categories.

Mould will form over the rind of the cheese.This is a natural and harmless characteristic of Taleggio.

As no other types of treatment are allowed, the rind of Taleggio cheese can be eaten. Taleggio is a soft and washed rind cheese, produced in Lombardy, with an interesting, pungent and aromatic taste, variable depending on seasoning time. When aged, it’s crumbly at the center. Taleggio is a soft, raw cow’s milk cheese with a thin rind and a soft consistency with a slightly pinkish colour and characteristic grey-greenish mould.

Soft cheese slightly melted ,it has a white colour with a reddish, soft, thin and wrinkled rind. Taleggio has old origins and an interesting story. Taleggio can be kept safely in the fridge for weeks, … The cheese is uniform and compact and softer near the rind. Its mild and tangy flavor brings a great taste to many recipes. View all Speciality & Continental Cheese The orangey-pink rind is either coated in wax or mould; sometimes, it will have greyish or greenish patches of mould (the nicer word is “bloom”.) Appearance and Taste: Taleggio PDO has a square shape, with a thin, soft rind: the rind is a natural pinkish color, with the characteristic presence of grey or light sage green mold. It might not be easily available but you can surely substitute it with another cheese.

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