If your old phone has stored your contacts on the SIM card, you can import them onto your iPhone in the Settings app:
SIM Cards are independent of the operating system running on a device.

If you're changing SIM cards on a phone, your photos, voicemail, videos, texts, call history, contacts, and other information won't be affected. Some of the questions are what to do if the SIM card is lost, blocked or damaged. If you need a new Verizon SIM card for a new line on your account, however, you can: Order online. I haven't been able to synch the photos to my computer. See video below on how to "Insert or Remove SIM & SD Card" Galaxy Smartphone - Factory data reset when I insert SIM card into my new device Learn how to remove or transfer the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular models).
A subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module (SIM), widely known as a SIM card, is an integrated circuit that is intended to securely store the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) number and its related key, which are used to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices (such as mobile phones and computers). Have the SIM card mailed to you. 1. To transfer an old SIM card to a new phone, save your contacts to the SIM card, remove the card from the old phone, and insert it into the new one. How can I transfer my data including contacts and text messages stored in the SIM card into a new phone? Data services don’t work after swapping SIM card.

... You will not lose any data by changing SIM cards. SIM cards make it easy for you to have multiple phone numbers so you can switch between them whenever you like. If the SIM card is too large for the new device, it … But you need to solve the problem of syncing your photos to your computer, or you will lose them when iOS crashes or has to be restored. That account has several spefics such as monthly charges, minutes, messages and data allotment and phone number. If you change it for a SIM from the same carrier, nothing happens, the device continues working as before. An SD card would store data within a phone, but is a different optional storage card that is not required for any phone to operate on our network.

What I want to understand is what will be lost (potentially or known fact)? I have an unlocked phone. Enter the requested info and follow the prompts to update your account with your new SIM card and IMEI number. Choose the right SIM card data recovery mode Install and run the iPhone Data Recovery program and then connect your iPhone to Mac. Most devices come with the SIM card already inserted. Pre-order the SIM card and pick it up at a Verizon Wireless Retail store or Authorized Retailer. These phones have to be either provided by your cell phone provider or they have to be unlocked phones.

Part 1: Restore SIM Card Data on iPhone Directly Step 1.

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