Most people associate them with the elderly and the infirm, making them possibly the least sexy fruit ever, when in reality they are soft, sweet, deeply flavored — and dare we say sexy? Prunes have such a bad rap that, in 2000, plum growers got permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market their fruit "dried plums" instead of "prunes… Then eat them dry as they are available in the name market. “Prunes are a good source of fiber,” says Jessica Cording, M.S., R.D., … Here are 10 reasons why you should eat prunes every day: Healthy Bones.

A recommended treatment for constipation is 50 g dried prunes twice daily 1. There is an abundance of delicious foods to eat on your period to get you through the monthly pain and discomfort. Eat prunes when you feel constipation. Add them to a savory stew. Dried Prunes. Children may not like to eat dried Prunes but adults can. Try prunes and liquids. This treatment has been shown to be better than a standard 11 g dose of psyllium taken twice a day. Their reputation as a laxative may be unfortunate because it overshadows the fact that prunes are a rich source of nutrients. That is equal to one serve of fruit – adults are encouraged to have two daily serves of fruit . Snack on a few prunes before a meal and you will feel fuller and eat less throughout your meal, saving you calories and contributing to shrinking your waistline. What would you like to be? They also contain a high amount of a natural sugar, sorbitol, that functions as a laxative because it pulls moisture into the digestive tract and facilitates bowel movements. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Instead of reaching for a sugary treat, eat a prune that is naturally sweet and contains essential vitamins and minerals. To aid digestion and regain what’s being lost during menstruation, ditch sugary, salty, fatty treats in favor of heart-friendly, high-fiber meals, with tons of fruits and vegetables. Prunes are rich in iron and, like most iron-rich foods, can cause dark stools if taken in excess. Granada. - Paul Prudhomme; One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well. Not only that, prunes are adaptable; they are as good served with duck as they are stewed with sweet port wine and spooned over cake. They can be dried or semi-dried and the most famous variety is Prunes d’Agen. Since your body loses vitamins while you sleep, eating a nutritious snack before bedtime is actually good for you. Here are more of their amazing health benefits.
Your bones are living, growing tissue that are affected by your diet and exercise. It’s healthy to eat a smaller amount on a regular basis to keep your colon functioning a little more efficiently. 32 Tracks. It generally produces results in 24 hours.You can eat a stewed prune daily for a week by then your constipation should go. Late-night snacking doesn’t necessarily lead to putting on unwanted pounds. 5.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Prunes?. Some people may need to add prunes to their diet slowly, starting with 3 to 5 prunes per day, if they are not accustomed to eating foods high in fiber. The 50 g serving equates to about seven medium-sized prunes. Other Digestive Benefits of Prunes. Stream Tracks and Playlists from eat prunes on your desktop or mobile device. Prunes need to revamp their image. - Julie Murphy; You don't need a silver fork to eat good food. A person is generally considered to have constipation if bowel movements are fewer than three times per week. Adding prunes to your diet can be much easier — and more fun — than you’d think. love and prunity!! Method – 3: (Prunes) Eating prunes alone is very effective and safest way of treating constipation. References ; Constipation is a common problem, and everyone experiences it occasionally. Prunes have their own set of side effects, but you can still consume them in moderation. 264 Followers. Simply leave a comment in the box below. Puree prunes and eat them as “prune butter” or jam. Prunes are high in dietary fiber, with just one prune providing 3 percent of the recommended daily intake of fiber.

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